How to Select a Pipe: 6 Things to Consider

How to Select a Pipe: 6 Things to Consider

May 28, 2024Brandon Franklin

How to buy a pipe for weed? The decision largely comes down to personal choice, preferences, and several other factors, like your smoking frequency, or whether you smoke solo or with others. Bongs, or glass pipes, are the perfect well-rounder, but a casual smoker might want to start with a smaller caliber, like a hand pipe. Pipes made out of other material, like metal or aluminum, will cater to different smokers. For the full guide on how to select a pipe, read on below!

how to select a pipe

Buying a Weed Pipe – How to Make the Right Choice for You

Smoking equipment varies in many aspects, all with the goal of providing you with the best high possible every time. Knowing how to select a pipe for weed and what to look out for can ultimately save you money and some disappointment.

Here’s all you need to know to make the right decision:


While glass is the most commonly available and often considered the best pipe material, other options exist. Metal pipes come at a more accessible price point and with more durability, while wood pipes have that special aesthetic. Both require extra maintenance, however, and aren’t as easy to clean as glass.


If you enjoy blazing up in your own company or frequently light one up on the go, a small hand pipe will suffice. However, though less portable, larger bongs fare better when smoking with friends.

Frequency of Use

The more you smoke, the more durability will matter as a factor in deciding how to select a pipe. Casual smokers who indulge occasionally don’t need to worry about this that much. For daily users, though, investing in a high-quality pipe becomes crucial.


Weed pipe design doesn’t end with the classic spoon pipe or chillum. More intricate designs are out there, like bubblers and Sherlock pipes. Depending on your style, choose something that mirrors your character to make taking hits that much more enjoyable and personalized.

Extra Features

Your pipe purchase may also depend on any extra features you want to have access to. For example, some come with pre-installed screen inserts to prevent ash from building up and making its way through the pipe. Others have a carb hole for improved airflow.

So, think of the features you consider important must-haves. This extra functionality can greatly influence your smoking experience, and ultimately, you want it to align fully with your preferences.


Lastly, none of this stuff is available to anyone for free. The amount of cash you want to dish out will likely be the first factor you consider when choosing a pipe. While there are options available at various price points, keep in mind that investing in a better pipe may offer overall satisfaction in the long run. So, think about your budget carefully and take all the other factors mentioned earlier into account to find the perfect pipe that suits your needs.

The Takeaway

When thinking about how to select a pipe that’ll perfectly serve you for years to come, consider the make, your frequency of use, its preferred size and features, as well as its design. Of course, any budgetary constraints will also play a role.

Nevertheless, given how many options are out there, you’re for sure going to find something to make the most out of your buds. And who knows, maybe after buying your pipe, you’ll have enough left over to get some extra weed gear to kick things up another notch.

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What is a weed pipe?

A weed pipe, also known as a marijuana pipe, is a small device used for burning herbal material to inhale the smoke. It typically consists of a bowl for the herb, a chamber, and a mouthpiece. Weed pipes come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing you to choose the perfect model suited to your individual needs and preferences.

What material should I consider when choosing a weed pipe?

The choice of material is crucial as it affects the taste, durability, and aesthetics of the pipe. The most commonly chosen material due to its pure taste, ease of cleaning, and aesthetics. Borosilicate glass is particularly heat-resistant and durable. Metal is durable and long-lasting, though they can affect the taste of the smoke. Popular metals include stainless steel and brass. Wood provides a unique flavor but requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Ceramic offers interesting designs and colors, but is more fragile than glass. Silicone is flexible, unbreakable, and easy to clean. Great for travel use.

What are the differences in sizes of weed pipes and how do they affect usage?

The size of the pipe affects convenience and the intensity of the experience.

Are there additional features to consider?

Yes, some pipes have additional features that can enhance the smoking experience. Filter can remove impurities from the smoke, which can be beneficial for health.Ice chambers are cool the smoke, making inhalation more comfortable and water pipes contain a water chamber that filters and cools the smoke.

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