Primo Organic Hemp Cones

Discover premium organic hemp cones

At our online store, you will find a premium selection of hemp cones, including organic and pre-roll options. They are the perfect proposition for those who want a hassle-free and eco-friendly smoking experience. We made sure to produce them from high-quality, sustainably sourced hemp fibers, which meet the high standards in the Dominican Republic. High Society organic hemp cones are well-known for their slow and even burn, which is why they provide you with smooth and flavorful smoking sessions. You won’t taste wood pulp or any additives and chemicals that could ruin your experience. The natural properties of hemp ensure pure taste, allowing you to fully appreciate the rich flavors of the herbs of your choice. On top of that, the herb will be heated much more consistently, so you can enjoy each inhale and exhale.

Organic hemp pre-roll cones for herb enthusiasts

Our pre-roll organic hemp cones have been designed for those who prefer a ready-to-go smoking solution and don’t want to experience the hassle of rolling. You just simply fill them with your favorite herbs and enjoy perfectly and consistently rolled joints every time. The slow and even burn of these cones ensures a controlled and enjoyable smoking experience without compromising on quality. It is worth noting that the natural color and texture of hemp cones add an extra layer of authenticity to your smoking ritual. They may come in different shades, ranging from light tan to brown, but their earthy aroma won’t be distorted by cheap ‘paper’ taste. At High Society, you will find various sizes of hemp cones, from standard to king-size, catering to your individual preferences and occasions. Whether you prefer a quick solo smoke or a longer, shared session, our hemp cones have you covered. We made sure to include organic hemp pre-roll cones with a filter as well. Browse through our selection and select the version that matches your needs perfectly!

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