Top 8 Best Accessories for Every Smoker

Top 8 Best Accessories for Every Smoker

Apr 24, 2024Analytics Delante

Are you in the market for some cool bong accessories? No matter if you’re buying some gear for yourself or the weed enthusiast in your life, an oil adapter is always a good idea, as is a weed grinder. Another great addition to any smoker’s arsenal is an ash catcher to make the whole process smoother and, well, ash-free. We cover these and other best bong accessories in more detail down below, so keep scrolling!

Table of Contents:
  1. What Are the Best Bong Accessories to Buy?
  2. Oil Adapters
  3. Weed Grinder
  4. Ash Catcher
  5. Bong Cleaner Set
  6. Screens
  7. Percolator
  8. Replacement Bong Accessories
  9. The Takeaway

What Are the Best Bong Accessories to Buy?

Need a hand in picking up some new bong accessories to fly even higher? Check out our choice list:

Oil Adapters

An oil adapter is a perfect choice for a dabber who wants some extra flavor in their life. They’re designed specifically to vaporize oils and other aromatic substances to enhance the experience with new aromas and flavor profiles.

Weed Grinder

Any self-respecting stoner has to have a grinder on-hand! How else are you going to maintain that consistent, even grind to your weed for the optimal burn? Eyeballing it for sure ain’t gonna cut it – you need some prime, high-quality equipment, like our signature High Society Herb Grinders.

Ash Catcher

Another extra module to add to your bong that improves your quality of life. Ash catchers stop any resin or ash from getting to the water in your bong. Plus, cleaning the ash catcher at the mid-point, between the bowl and the pipe, is way easier than disassembling the whole thing to properly clean your bong.

Bong Cleaner Set

Speaking of cleaning, why not go all out to give your puppy a good scrub-down? A dirty, gunked-up bong is just a bad time all around, both for you and your weed. There are bong cleaner sets available out there that come with incredibly well-designed, long and flexible brushes to reach into the deepest recesses of any pipe. And they don’t even break the bank, so try them out!


Ever had your herb fall all the way to the bottom of the pipe as you pulled it? What a woefully traumatizing experience. What if I told you you’d never have to experience it ever again? Get yourself a handy pack of bong screens, pop one into your pipe, and you’re set! Nothing falls down, you still get the smoke as per usual, plus it limits resin and ash buildup. It’s the perfect accessory!


If you want a more refined, sublime smoking experience, you might be interested in a percolator. It’s a glass attachment you add to your bong to aid in vapor diffusion, provide extra filtration, and remove excess tar from the smoke. It’s an awesome addition that can potentially improve the quality and taste of your herb by quite a lot.

Replacement Bong Accessories

What if you just want a simple upgrade to replace your old gear with a higher-quality piece? Picking up a few accessories can be a great choice, too, especially if you don’t want to invest in a whole dab rig. In that case, a banger allows you to add a little attachment to your bong to create a makeshift dab rig to hit and ride as high as you wish.

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The Takeaway

There’s no shortage of great picks to choose from when considering the best bong accessories. Some help you keep your bong clean, some aid in the smoke pass-through, but most of all, they allow you to get the most out of your smoking sessions. Treating yourself (or your stoner friend) never hurt anybody, so go and spread the love!

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