HS Bags & Luggage

What’s better than classic bags and luggage? Ones that match your vibe! Our High Society Supply backpacks and luggage collection has exactly that. Get yourself a Primo or an HS bag, and enjoy your trips knowing that you’ve packed up in style!

High Society Supply Bags: Simply Awesome

Do you prefer something more classic or maybe more eye-catching? Well, you’ll get both of these here!

Our High Society Supply backpacks come in various designs that’ll resonate with you no matter what you love. Add to that branding, which shows off your true passion – smoking legal herbs – and you get the perfect bags to pack all your stuff in. Psychedelic, colorful or black and white and plain – you can get whatever you want, whatever you like. After all, life’s bout getting what you like, are we right?

Stash All You Want

The design’s awesome, but that’s not all; our bags have something more – a lot of pockets to stash it all! You don’t have to worry about packing it all up. All you have to worry about is looking too dope and making use of all the space. Amazing and functional – that’s our High Society Supply bags for you.

Mix ‘em up with Our Clothes and Accessories

Do you know what looks better than you with our bags and luggage? You, wearing one of the HS accessories with our bags and luggage! Get a backpack and a matching T-shirt and embrace your style, showing who you’re rolling it. Let people know that you’re the real deal, that you know your fashion, and that you love to smoke your legal herbs. You might even get to meet new, like-minded buds this way! So don’t hesitate – order your bag now and show ‘em who’s got the drip!