HS Tops

Do you want to look dope? Are you thrilled to show that you’re rolling with High Society, Primo, or Ritual? Then check out our HS tops collection! Stylish, branded, and diverse, these T-shirts, sweatshirts, or even basketball jerseys are exactly what you need in your closet and on you!

Dope HS Topes for Your Style

You know what’s more awesome than a great outfit? An amazing outfit that shows who you truly are! And that’s exactly what our High Society Supply tops are all about.

You get to wear high-quality T-shirts in different colors and patterns that have the logos of your favorite brands on them. A plain and simple T-shirt with the High Society logo? Check. A colorful, a bit psychedelic Primo shirt? Check. You get these amazing pieces of clothing, and you look good ‘AF,’ feel good, and show the world what you’re all about, simply a three-in-one. 

Get the Best Limited Tops Before They Disappear

We don’t only sell regular merch – we’ve got tons of limited edition tops that you need to grab as soon as possible! If you’re looking to look dope and have a unique piece of clothing, that’s your opportunity to get it.

Plus, make sure to check us out regularly – some limited editions disappear, but some might show up, so you need to stay up-to-date! You wouldn’t like to miss out on some amazing apparel, would you?

High Society Supply Tops Are Great for Presents

You’ve got yourself your dope top? Then it’s time to think about your friends. Whether it’s Christmas or their birthday, getting one of our t-shirts will be a great present idea to surprise them! Plus, you might get matching tops to truly show on the streets who you’re rolling with.