Our Story

High Society Smoke Supply is a carefully curated selection of premium ancillary cannabis goods and lifestyle products that offer an incredible value at an accessible price. Our curation involves an intensive design and procurement process to ensure that each and every High Society product delivers exceptional performance. Our product design team has 25 years of combined experience and has had a hand in the creation of some of the biggest brands in the cannabis space.

The way we look at it, when it comes to cannabis and the constellation of products that surround it, it’s bigger than just a product. What we sell and take part in are experiences. The herb has the power to elevate and enlighten us, and the products that we use to consume our herbs can be just as important as the herb itself. 
Whether it’s our Primo papers & wraps, High Society Glass, or one of the many accessories that we offer, you can be assured that you’re getting an excellent product for an excellent price. More than anything, we want to encourage people to connect and vibe with herb and each other. We are pleased to invite you to join High Society, let’s get elevated together!