Ritual Smoke - Peace Pipes - Slime Green

$15.00 $34.99

Stay Elevated with Ritual Smoke!

Ritual by High Society celebrates the many ‘rituals’ that we enjoy in the smoking culture. There are a myriad of ways to enjoy legal herbs, each way is a literal ritual unto itself. Selecting your material, grinding it, packing it, and enjoying it; each a step in your unique consumption ritual! Our passion lies in elevating the consumption experience by offering the community premium tools at highly accessible prices, allowing everyone to tailor their consumption experience to fit their needs without compromise. We do it for the love and for the vibes - 100%

Good vibes ahoy! These beautiful peace pipes pay homage to the old school wood and metal pipes that our forefathers enjoyed...These groovy pipes have color accents and have a huge air path. That air path will help you get more flavor and smoke out of each puff. Stay elevated with Ritual... Peace man!


  • 6 inch
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Slime w. Clear Glass
  • Big Smoke Experience!!!