OSF x Primo | Blunt Wrap Bundle

$34.99 $71.99

Odd Squad Family x  Primo Blunt Wrap Bundle (Primo Bundle: 1x Tupelo Honey, 1x Natural Sweetleaf, 1x Banana Creme, and 1x White Russian Blunt Wrap Pack, 50mm Grinder, and a Medium Rolling Tray)

High Society’s Primo Wraps are made with premium, all natural broadleaf tobacco that is thoroughly washed, aged, and cut to exacting standards. We carefully age our broadleaf tobacco to ensure that your session is smooth, flavorful, and satisfying. Our Primo Wraps are grown in the Dominican Republic by a family tobacco farm that has been producing premium cigars for decades. 

Primo Wraps respect the essence of your herbs while enhancing the flavor for a truly elevated experience. High Society Primo Wraps are the perfect addition to your smoking ritual and will take your sesh to the next level. Your invitation is here, welcome to the High Society. Are you ready to become initiated? Are you ready to ascend? Spark it up with High Society Primo Blunt Wrap Bundle…Welcome to High Society!

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