High Society - Tulu Premium Wig Wag Concentrate Rig (Red & Black)


Discover the Art of Dabbing with Tulu Premium Wig Wag Concentrate Rig Red/Black

Our premier High Society Tulu Premium Wig Wag Concentrate Rig Red/Black is really extraterrestrial! NorthStar color glass from the USA and brilliant clear Schott glass from Germany are used to create each handcrafted Tulu. A NorthStar Onyx Chibi Cthulhu pendy is then placed on the back of each piece, adding a great deal of personality and Lovecraftian spookiness! This gorgeous pipe has a shower head percolator that is fixed and reinforced, providing just the right amount of percolation to cool your vapor and keep your terps intact! 

The Sol, our flagship etched quartz banger, is included with the Tulu. Perfect for low temperature use, these premium bangers offer perfect flavor clarity and vapor production. Along with the Sol banger, we've included one of our adorable Cosmic bubble caps, so you'll always get super milky rips! 

High Society Tulu Premium Wig Wag Concentrate Rig Red/Black from Aelia Collection

The Aelia Collection is designed with functionality in mind. When using concentrate you want a smaller apparatus as more water and air will hurt your terps. Our concentrate aparati are designed with this in mind. Just the right amount of air, water, and percolation for the best terp profiles and smoothness. Tulu is our flagship concentrate apparatus for good reason. It absolutely shreds! We sincerely hope you enjoy your High Society Tulu Premium Wig Wag Concentrate Rig Red/Black and use it for years to come. Cheers! Welcome to High Society fam, now let’s get the nail lit and inhale it!

  • 8" Tall
  • 7mm Thick
  • 14mm Female Downstem
  • German Schott Clear Glass
  • Color Glass by NorthStar USA
  • Fixed & Reinforced Wig Wag UFO Perc
  • Siiiick Onyx Tulu Pendy on Each Rig!
  • Comes with Premium Etched HS Sol Banger
  • Comes with Premium Wig Wag HS Carb Cap
  • Not a tobacco product. For use with legal smoking herbs only. 

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