High Society | Helia Premium Wig Wag Spoon (Rasta)


Ignite Your Style with Helia Premium Wig Wag Spoon Rasta

Helia, the hand pipes from High Society, are meticulously crafted using NorthStar glass made in the USA, adhering to precise specifications. The secret to an exceptional hand pipe lies in the airflow and bowl size. The bowls are shaped with a medium depth and wide width, ensuring each toke provides the freshest material without the need for relighting already burnt substances. The aperture of each bowl is designed for robust airflow, strategically incorporating a slight restriction when the carb hole is covered, allowing you to fine-tune and enhance your smoking experience.

High Society Helia Premium Wig Wag Spoon Rasta - a classic spoon design infused with an unconventional wig-wag pattern and Rasta colours. The distinct, elongated wig-wag pattern strikes a balance between psychedelic and sleek aesthetics. Our aim was to offer something unique yet recognizable, and Helia delivers that distinctive touch throughout the day.

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  • 4" Length
  • Triple Blown (Thick AF)
  • Color Glass by NorthStar USA
  • Extra Large Chamber = Cooler, More Flavorful Smoke
  • Not a tobacco product. For use with legal smoking herbs only.