High Society | Gemini Premium Wig Wag Waterpipe (Blue)


Double the Bubbles to Melt Your Troubles!

The Gemini is one of our most exciting designs featuring a twin pair of flawlessly designed Matrix percolators with wig-wag domes. Each piece is handmade using pristine clear German Schott glass and brilliant USA made NorthStar colors. We feel the Gemini is a perfect fusion of scientific function and wavy aesthetics.  

All Aelia Collection pipes are designed with the science of smoking in mind. The Gemini is specifically designed for use with dried material. When flame meets your material the smoke is super hot and harsh. A larger water pipe like Gemini gives your smoke lots of room to travel as you take your draw. 

The tremendous amount of percolation from Gemini’s twin matrix percolators cools the smoke tremendously. The extended air path and ice pinch provide even more cooling. Dead ass, these hitters are smooth AF.

This is a wonderful daily driver that is sure to turn heads. The material you use is only as good as the vessel in which you consume it. We sincerely hope you enjoy your Gemini and use it for years to come. Cheers! Welcome to High Society fam, now let’s blaze!

  • 16" Tall
  • 9mm Thick
  • 18mm Female Downstem
  • German Schott Clear Glass
  • Color Glass by NorthStar USA
  • Twin Matrix Percolators w/ Wig Wag
  • Ice Pinch for Extra Cooling
  • Comes with Premium Nebula Bowl 
  • Not a tobacco product. For use with legal smoking herbs only. 

High Society Blue Gemini Wig Wag Water pipe 

Blue Gemini Wig Wag Water pipe is a unique water pipe that stands out not only for its excellent functionality but also for its aesthetics and stylish design. This unique water pipe is a real gem for lovers of craftsmanship and unique accessories. The main feature of the Blue Gemini Wig Wag Water pipe is the original wig wag pattern, which gives it a unique character. The patterns are precisely handcrafted, making each pipe one of a kind. The artful combination of blue tones gives the whole thing an elegant and modern look.

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