High Society | Eris Premium Wig Wag Bubbler (Black Rainbow V1)


Meet Eris, Your Coffee Table's New Best Friend!

High Society’s Eris wig wag bubblers are crafted with US NorthStar glass and designed to exacting specifications. The key to a great bubbler is in combination of the percolation, the airflow, and size of the bowl. We shape our bowls to a medium depth and wide width to ensure that you’re getting the most fresh material per toke vs relighting already burnt material. We make sure that the aperture of each bowl is wide enough to give you solid airflow, but with a slight bit of restriction when the carb hole is covered to help really dial in your experience.

Eris - A beautiful wig-wag Corncob Pipe hybrid Bubbler. Eris delivers big smoke, big flavor, and epic wavy wig-wag aesthetics. An absolute head turner of a pipe, the extended bowl and length delivers cool draws time after time.

  • 6" Length
  • Slitted Downstem for Great Percolation
  • Triple Blown (Thick AF)
  • Color Glass by NorthStar USA
  • Extra Large Chamber = Cooler, More Flavorful Smoke
  • Not a tobacco product. For use with legal smoking herbs only. 

High Society Eris Premium Wig Wag Bubbler: Black Rainbow

Eris Premium Wig Wag Bubbler Black Rainbow is an exclusive product for smoking enthusiasts, combining unique design with excellent functionality. Made of the highest quality glass, this Bubbler features a striking Wig Wag design, where deep black is intertwined with colorful rainbow accents. This limited edition not only impresses with its aesthetics, but also provides a cool and unique taste during each session. The Eris Premium Wig Wag Bubbler Black Rainbow is not just an accessory, it is an expression of style and elegance for true smoking connoisseurs.

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