Dugout with mini Grinder - Black


Compact and Discreet Dugout with Mini Grinder Black

If you like to hit-and-run, you need a good dugout like High Society's Dugout with Mini Grinder. Dugouts have been a staple product in smoke shops, yet many people haven’t heard of them.

What are dugouts?

They are essentially a container that holds ground herb and a one-hitter pipe. Dugouts provide the perfect tool set for on the road consumption of your herbs. Considering that we are High Society, we wanted to take the traditional dugout formula and add a built-in herb grinder into the mix. Now you have everything you need with discreet dugout minus the lighter to have an awesome sesh anytime and anywhere.

Don’t sleep on the herb dugout, there’s a reason they have been selling like crazy since the 1960s! 


  • Made with Aluminum Alloy 
  • Grinder Features Diamond Teeth
  • Holds Your Ground Herbs + a One Hitter
  • Built In Grinder = Huge Value
  • Best Solution for On the Go Tokes!

Check out our dugout with grinder!

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