High Society | Cygnus Premium Wig Wag Waterpipe (Turquoise)


Stack Bubbles, Chuck Clouds, and Get Lifted With Cygnus!

The Cygnus water pipe is one of our most unique offerings in both form and function, truly a one of a kind! Featuring a pair of expertly designed percolators and made with flawless clear German Schott Glass and USA made NorthStar glass colors, the Cygnus is a perfect fusion of funky and function with vibes to spare.  

All Aelia Collection pipes are designed with the science of smoking in mind. The Cygnus is specifically designed for use with dried material. When flame meets your material the smoke is super hot and harsh. A larger water pipe like Cygnus gives your smoke lots of room to travel as you take your draw. 

Cygnus’ combination of a fixed shower head into a bell perc dome provides an epic amount of percolation. The excessive amount of bubbles produced will cool your smoke and give you excellent flavor with each and every rip! 

This is that hitter, no cap. The material you use is only as good as the vessel in which you consume it. We sincerely hope you enjoy your Cygnus and use it for years to come. Cheers! Welcome to High Society fam, now let’s blaze!

  • 15" Tall
  • 7mm Thick
  • 18mm Female Downstem
  • German Schott Clear Glass
  • Color Glass by NorthStar USA
  • Fixed & Reinforced Wig/Wag UFO Perc into Bell Perc Dome w/ Heady Pendy
  • Comes with Premium Nebula Bowl
  • Not a tobacco product. For use with legal smoking herbs only. 

High Society Cygnus Premium Wig Wag Water pipe Turquoise 

The High Society Cygnus Premium Wig Wag Water pipe Turquoise is the quintessence of style and elegance in the world of high-quality smoking accessories. This exclusive Cygnus water pipe combines outstanding aesthetics with superb functionality, and its unique Wig Wag design in shades of turquoise impresses from the first glance. Made of the highest quality materials, including distinctive turquoise glass, the water pipe is not only a smoking tool, but also an expression of personal style for connoisseurs of smoking at the highest level. The Cygnus Premium Wig Wag Water pipe Turquoise from the High Society collection is an unforgettable experience for those looking for a combination of luxury, exceptional design and unquestionable quality in one of the most stylish smoking accessories available.

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