High Society | American Walnut & Glass Taster Pipe


Light It Up with American Walnut & Glass Taster Pipe!

If you like to hit and run, you need a good taster. These beautiful High Society's American Walnut & Glass Taster Pipe is made with borosilicate glass and American Walnut wood. It look awesome and the glass bowl really lets the flavor of your herbs shine. We added a little glass dot to the side of the bowl to keep your taster from rolling around, pretty cool, huh?

We love these little hitters, and we know you will too. Although American Walnut & Glass Taster Pipe is small, the airflow is amazing, so you can take huge rips of this little guy!


  • Made with Glass & American Walnut Wood
  • Features Glass Dot to Keep from Rolling Around
  • Excellent Flavor
  • Great Airflow
  • Awesome Gift Idea
  • Most Affordable HS Pipe!

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