High Society Rectangle Dab Mat - Rasta


Light It Up With High Society Rasta Dab Mat

A High Society Rasta dab mat is one of the most essential tools in your dabbers toolkit. A dab mat has multiple functions. It makes for a soft place to rest your glass piece, that way you don’t have to worry about breakage if your piece falls over. The other use is for cleaning and storing your dab tools between uses. Oil is sticky and can get everywhere, but not when you’re using a dab mat. Our mats come in round and rectangular varieties and feature 3 dope colorways inspired by our Aelia glass line. 

Colors Available:

  • Rasta (Red, Gold, Green)
  • Blurberry (Blue, Purple, Red)
  • Shaman (Blue, Turquoise, Yellow)


  • Made with Platinum Cured Silicone 
  • Easy to Clean
  • Awesome Limited Edition Designs 
  • Inspired by Aelia Glass
  • Rectangle and Round Version Available

In High Society, you can also find crafted with precision dual use water pipes that are engineered to accommodate both concentrates and dry herbs seamlessly. Check now full offer!