High Society - 4 PC 50mm Ceramic Teflon Coated Grinder - Gold


Grind It Up!

Having a proper herb grinder is essential to any herbal enthusiasts tool kit. There are many grinders out there, so you may be asking yourself “what makes yours so special?” -  We took feedback from a myriad of customers and addressed issues that people had with their current grinders. 

Many people wanted a non-aluminum option, so we decided to create ours from Zinc. Another piece of feedback we received was that grinders got too sticky and would be difficult if not impossible to operate. We mitigated that by adding a ceramic coating with Teflon to our grinders to ensure that you get a smooth rotation and grind every time. We also wanted to make sure that the grind profile and teeth were perfect on these. We settled on a diamond pattern as you can get the most variations of grind. From a hand tear style grind, to coarse, to pulverized. 

We believe that these are the best grinders for the money out in the market today and we are confident that you’ll absolutely love yours. There’s a reason so many people are switching to HS from other brands, it’s just too good!

Available Sizes:

  • 40mm (1.6”)
  • 50mm (2”)
  • 63mm (2.5”)

Available Colors:

  • Blacked Out Stars
  • Deep Purple Stars


  • Made with Zinc
  • Special Ceramic and Teflon Coating for Non-Stick Operation
  • Diamond Teeth for Best Grind Consistency 
  • Great for Vape, Roll Your Own, or Packing a Bowl
  • 4pc Construction with Pollen Catch
  • Beautiful Aesthetics