High Society | Cosmic Premium Wig Wag Carb Cap (Orange)


Cosmic Wig Wag Carb Cop Organe - Cosmic Carb Caps are Truly Stellar!

Cosmo carb caps are made with NorthStar US dichro and color glass rod. These bubble style caps help create a pressure drop inside of your banger that encourages milky, flavorful vapor production. Each bubble cap is made to exacting specifications so they will rotate smoothly on top of your favorite banger, which we’re pretty sure is our Sol Etched Quartz banger. Your sesh is only as good as your glass and supplies, such as Cosmic Carb Cap Orange, let us help you elevate your experience today!

  • NorthStar Glass
  • Beautifully Branded
  • Works with 20mm - 25mm Bangers
  • Incredible Airflow!

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