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What Are the Most Popular Kinds of Cannabis Products? A Guide

May 28, 2024Brandon Franklin

Market availability of cannabis products includes way more positions than just our favorite leafy greens, but what are the most popular kinds of cannabis products? Aside from the flowers, vapes, and pre-rolls have cemented themselves as the runners-up to raw buds. CBD concentrates and extracts have also secured a sizable chunk of the market share, with edibles remaining not too far behind. Next come topical cannabis products like oils and lotions. Rounding off the list are weed-infused or -enhanced beverages, tinctures, and various smoking accessories. Read on for the full breakdown.

cannabis products

Types of Cannabis Products

When you think cannabis, chances are plain weed is the first thing that pops into your head. Classic, simple, tried and tested, what more could you need for a fun afternoon with a couple of friends?

But, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to explore new ways of getting high or introducing cannabis products into your life, the market has you covered. Over the last ten or so years, as weed gradually becomes decriminalized in the US, many companies began experimenting with form, yielding some pretty interesting results.

Here is a guide on the most popular kinds of cannabis products you can find in shops today:


Raw cannabis flowers remain king. It’s a classic for a reason and will likely stay on top for the foreseeable future.


If convenience is the name of the game, vapes take the crown in an instant. With the press of a button, you can take a satisfying hit. No need to grab a weed grinder or rolling papers. Just perfect on-the-go weed whenever you want it.


Following up on the theme of convenience, pre-rolls likewise eliminate the need for grinding or rolling. Simply light up your joint and enjoy a hassle-free smoking experience.


The first place outside the podium belongs to the concentrate category. Highly potent due to their high THC or CBD content, they’re a great way to spice up your smoking with extra intensity and aroma. The only downside is that they need extra gear to make them work. You can use your own vape pen or a dab rig, but if you’re even looking at concentrates as an option, chances are you’ve got the right equipment stashed somewhere already.


Sometimes, you just want to take a break from smoking. That’s where edibles come into play. Ingesting marijuana increases its potency compared to inhaling vapor, making this cannabis product instantly more appealing to some. Plus, you can choose the type of edible you like: gummies, chocolates, cookies, there’s plenty to choose from.


Though they’re not going to make you high, topicals enjoy some popularity for their therapeutic and medicinal benefits. CBD patches, lotions, and creams are easy to apply and can actually help with quite a large number of conditions, from skin problems to sleeplessness.


Many cannabis products in liquid form have emerged as alternatives to edibles. The available hemp-derived drink selection includes teas, cocktails, beer, really whatever you can dream up, all with a few milligrams of extra CBD.

Smoking Accessories

Rounding off our list are the innumerable smoking accessories. From dab rigs to percolators, ash catchers to oil adapters, browse long enough, and you’ll find something that feels tailor-made to every pothead out there.

The Takeaway

We hope you enjoyed our little trip down the cannabis products rabbit hole. In truth, we’ve only scratched the surface, and who knows what the future will bring as more great minds come up with new ideas to make getting high even better? What matters most is the quality of consumption tools used to enjoy all that cannabis culture has to offer the right way.

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What are cannabis products?

You might need to grind weed without a grinder if you don't have one available, if it's broken, or if you simply prefer alternative methods for personal reasons. These methods can also be useful when you're traveling or on-the-go and don't have access to your usual tools.

What are the most popular types of cannabis products?

The most popular types of cannabis products include dried flowers, CBD oils, edibles (such as baking extracts), extracts, hemp cosmetics, smoking products (such as hemp cigarettes or vaping products), and dietary supplements in the form of capsules or chewable gums.

How do cannabis products differ from THC-containing cannabis products?

Cannabis products, such as CBD oils, typically contain low or negligible levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive compound in cannabis. THC-containing cannabis products, on the other hand, contain higher levels of THC and can produce psychoactive effects when consumed.

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